Indonesia's Independence Day Dinner

Indonesia's Independence Day Dinner


Indonesia's Independence Day Dinner Indonesia's Independence Day Dinner



Sorry, this product/event is now sold out. Please contact us on 9603 1601 for details.

When: Thursday 17th August at 6:30pm
Where: Red Spice QV, 37 Artemis Lane Melbourne CBD
What: An Indonesian-inspired banquet
How much: $69 per person (food only); $99 per person (food and matching beverages)

Red Spice QV are holding three unique dinners in August in celebration of the Independence Days of Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Choose your favourite country and its respective cuisine or spoil yourself and partake in all three at a special price.


Celebrate Indonesia's Day of Independence with a festive menu to honour the traditional cuisine of this colourful nation. A national holiday, always held on August 17th to mark Indonesia's independence from the Netherlands in 1945. Parades, community gatherings, cultural and performing arts festivals, and a Kerupuk eating contest - a tasty shrimp cracker loved by many Indonesians, are all a part of the festivities.

Join in a delicious celebratory feast at Red Spice QV with an Indonesian-inspired menu to honour this special day.

The Menu

Sate Lilit Bali - minced pork wrapped around lemongrass

Cumi-Cumi Isi - prawn, ginger, turmeric stuffed baby squid, black pepper tomato sauce

NV Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Prosecco, King Valley, Victoria

Gado-Gado - vegetables with peanut sauce

Gudeg Yogya - chicken cooked with green jackfruit, coconut milk, galangal, eggs

2014 Warramate Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, Victoria

Gang Asam- beef ribs cooked in shrimp paste, chilli and aromatics

Lamb shoulder slow roasted in ginger, kaffir lime with sambal tuwung

2013 Avesta Pinot Noir Shiraz, Goulburn & Yarra Valleys, Victoria

Sticky black rice, coconut ice-cream, caramelised banana, pandan jelly

2015 Heggie’s Botrytis Riesling, Eden Valley, South Australia

N.B. These dinners are on a shared table and are all about interaction and coming together with others in celebration of culture and delicious food.

Unfortunately, as this is a pre-designed menu, dietary requirements cannot be accommodated.